How to restore deleted data on iPhone

Losing data on smartphone devices is commonplace and often serves multiple users. Especially if you lose data because it is accidentally deleted or because of a system error. Everything can happen, but fail, if the data is lost like that, is there a way to recover it?

How to restore deleted data on iPhone

Yes, if you are using an iPhone device, then you have the opportunity to recover deleted data. How to? You can take advantage of the automatic backup service performed by iCloud. This cloud storage service ensures that your data remains safe even if it has been deleted from your iPhone.

You can recover some deleted data, such as contacts, calendar events, reminders and more. Also, to make it faster, you can use the web version of the data recovery service via iCloud. The reason is, if you use the iPhone version of iCloud it will take a long time.

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Here's a simple way to restore deleted data on iPhone via iCloud web.

Open your desktop browser and link identity. After that, you can enter your Apple ID identity and password.

Open the settings, then directly select the Advanced menu on the page at the bottom left. There, you will find three features, including file restore, contact restore, calendar restore and reminder.

After determining which data to restore, you will display a backup archive view from time to time. In fact, you've done a data archive restore a few months ago. Then, you can select the date on which the backup archive will be restored.

If it has been successfully restored, you will receive a confirmation informing you that your data has been successfully restored to iPhone. That way, your lost data will return to normal.