Here's How Restore Data Deleted Android Phones

Large memory on Android or smartphones today makes us unwittingly collect a lot of data such as photos, audio, video and other data which suddenly makes the remaining free space in memory less and less.

Result, this makes us have to start deleting data that is considered less important. Unfortunately some of us are often not careful when choosing it and accidentally make this data permanently deleted.


This makes some users immediately choose to find ways to restore deleted smartphone data, one of which is by relying on existing applications.

Here's How Restore Data Deleted Android Phones

1. Garbage

This application can be used to retrieve data in various formats or types, ranging from photo, video, audio, and document categories. Simply put, this application can be used without having to root which provides access to the smartphone memory components.


2. DigDepp Image Recovery

As the name implies, this application is intended to restore data in the form of deleted photos in both internal and external memory. This application will scan (scan) the memory and display a list of deleted photos to restore.


3. EaseUS MobiSaver

The EaseUs application is well-known because it is also available for PC. In the mobile version of this application, you can restore various deleted data, including data types such as call logs, contacts, SMS and WhatsApp messages.


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4. Recover Deleted Photos

This application is also available only to restore data in the form of deleted photos on an Android smartphone and detect hidden photos.


5. DiskDigger

This application can search and restore deleted data. Here are provided easy options for selecting the data to be returned based on the date, file size and data type.