8 Characteristics & Inspiration of Minimalist Home Designs

Minimalist home design has become very popular lately. Many people are competing to build and remodel their homes by following the latest design trends.

It's no surprise that 'minimalism' is in the spotlight. In addition to providing a simple and elegant home design, minimalist values ​​also reflect yourself as a simple and efficient person.

Still confused about how to pour "minimalism" into your home? see 9 characteristics of minimalist home design below!

1. Spatial Simplicity

A minimalist home has a simple, plain, and efficient layout with a volume of terraced space. Simple forms, open plans, minimalist wall interiors, simple storage areas, and prioritizing display flexibility are the hallmarks of a minimalist home plan.

2. Geometric Building Architecture

Minimalist house building made with solid geometric shapes. Physically it is clear that a minimalist house is in the form of a box or cube block. The roof is not triangular, but flat without unnecessary decoration or indentation.

3. Optimization of Window Glass Functions

The characteristic of a minimalist house that you can see from the outside is the intensity of the use of glass. Indeed, when we find a minimalist home, usually our eyes will be immediately fixed on the large and wide glass window.

This large window is intended so that air and sunlight can easily enter the house. That way, the humidity level in the house will always be maintained. In addition, natural lighting is also able to give more emphasis and aesthetic value to furniture that is exposed to light.

4. Clean & Soft Wall Color Selection

Minimalist house walls are usually dominated by white or gray. Both of these colors look very clean and neutral. Of course this is the right choice to strengthen a minimalist home design that is simple, modern and elegant.

5. Provides Simple Exterior Details Without Embellishment

Apart from using pure white, some people also choose textured materials to provide more detail to their minimalist home exterior. But keep in mind that these details are still simple, like clear lines without any embellishment.

6. Lack of bulkheads and room dividers

A minimalist home will not have many bulkheads or bulkheads. This is because the minimalist concept prioritizes space efficiency. Barriers, pillars, bulkheads will only narrow the space if it is not really needed.

The living room, dining room and kitchen will be in one large area separated by furniture. But for private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms, of course, they are still separated in separate rooms.

7. Using Minimalist Furniture

With a minimalist home design, the furniture used also needs to support a minimalist concept. Usually in the family room there will only be essential furniture such as sofas, shelves and tables.

The shape of the furniture will not be too big with lots of decorations. That way, the furniture will be able to highlight its function while still using as little space as possible.

8. Equipped with a minimalist garden

Finally, don't forget that the garden is also the hallmark of a minimalist home. Although usually a minimalist house is built on an area that is not too wide, you will still find a beautiful and cute garden to refresh your home. If likened, this garden is the icing on the cake.

Usually the park is located in front of the terrace and contains grass or mini elephant grass. Some people also add flowers and small plants, but still avoid crowds.

The nine characteristics above show that a minimalist home design does not prioritize luxury or show off all your assets. But it is a choice to create calm, order and elegance.

Those are some minimalist designs not only about residential design, but also lifestyle.