7 Cheap and Minimalist Modern Wedding Decoration Concepts

Although the prospective bride and groom prefer simple and inexpensive wedding decorations, it is undeniable that they also want to hold events that look luxurious. This of course can be done!

The reason is, you can allocate the budget that should be (for example, reduced catering budget, to rent a building), making wedding decorations that are simple and inexpensive, but look luxurious, especially when held at home. .

As long as only selected guests come, you can give the best moment for yourself, your partner, to that special guest. What kind of simple and cheap wedding decorations make you look luxurious?

Here are 7 inspirations for simple and inexpensive wedding decorations

1. Minimalist Wedding Decoration

This characteristic of minimalist wedding decorations usually only relies on a backdrop that is not crowded and crowded. You only need a wooden frame backdrop, shaped like a wicket, circle, hexagon and others.

2. Wedding Decoration, Garden Party Concept

The next simple and inexpensive wedding decoration is with the garden party concept. Not as attractive as a garden party wedding reception as usual, here you can choose a simple garden party decoration.

To get deeper into the garden party theme, you can use white flowers, green leaves, and wooden branches. You can arrange them in the yard near the house, to reduce the building rental budget.

3. Rustic Themed Wedding Decorations

A rustic theme for simple and inexpensive wedding decorations is also often an option. The reason is, this theme will still look luxurious, even though all the materials are cheap and very simple.

This is because it is assisted by items that are usually made of wood, natural color selection, and flower colors and decorations that can blend with other property colors.

4. Hanging Lights Themed Wedding Decorations

Well, for those of you who want to hold a wedding party at night, perhaps inspiring simple and inexpensive wedding decorations, this hanging lamp theme can be a consideration. The reason is, only by using a pendant lamp, your wedding decorations will still look luxurious.

The lamps used as decorations also help in beautiful lighting. So that it can give a romantic and calming impression. Want to try this wedding decoration theme? Looks like you need a lot of lights.

5. Monochrome Theme Wedding Decorations

In addition, there are simple and inexpensive monochrome wedding decorations. Monochrome themes are often used as a wedding concept, because they have a flexible feel and go well with all colors.

Monochrome also looks simple, elegant and luxurious. Well, for those of you who don't want to be complicated in choosing colors and so on, this theme can be the right choice. The materials and properties are also not too much, so it doesn't cost a lot.

6. Simple Wedding Decoration with Custom

Even though it's simple and cheap, you can also choose decorations with a custom theme. This themed decor is synonymous with a carved wooden backdrop, and still suits you well.

In order for this custom theme to appear minimalist, luxurious, but cheap, you can add soft fresh flower decorations, and choose a backdrop with natural wood colors. So, custom themes can be minimalist too.

Not only that, to use this custom theme you also don't have to hold it in a building. The reason is, holding a party with simple and inexpensive wedding decorations with a custom theme can also be done at home.

7. Wedding Decoration Concept Background

There are many types of backdrops used for simple weddings. So that simple and inexpensive wedding decorations can be made according to your budget and desires, you can choose a wooden backdrop.

Currently, wood backdrop wedding decoration services are also very numerous. Or if you want to decorate yourself without service, all you have to do is buy a few properties, such as wooden backdrops sold in wood shops or even in online stores, fresh flowers, vintage chairs, tumblr lights, to engrave his name. bride from wood.