5 Bar Table Inspirations for a Minimalist Kitchen

Various Bar Table Models That Can Make Your Kitchen More Lively and Have A Tiny House, But Want To Make A Kitchen That Looks Spacious and Aesthetic? There is a solution, just combine the kitchen with the dining room. So you can make a bar table in the area so that the dining room and kitchen can blend naturally.

The bar table in the kitchen is perfect for a mini-sized house because it can replace the role of the dining table. Bar tables that are slimmer are generally easy to place on the side or become part of the kitchen set you are designing for the home interior.

Still confused about determining a new table model for your home? Here are five inspirations for unique bar table models that you can choose according to the kitchen concept to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

1. Super Minimalist Bar Table

By combining white and light brown from wood, this bar table is guaranteed to be suitable for all types of homes. Its minimalist size makes it suitable for small kitchen spaces.

This bar table is a little different from most other bar tables that are integrated with a kitchen set. Friends can take advantage of the free space in front of the kitchen set. Kania suggested that this bar table be made near the window of the house because the lighting that comes in from outside can make this bar table even more beautiful.

2. Height of Bar Column Table

The size of the high bar table is generally equated with a kitchen set. However, of course this is not an absolute thing. You can, how come the size of the bar table is higher than the kitchen set used for cooking.

However, of course you need to put a bar stool with a high footing as a companion. In fact, these different heights will make your kitchen even more unique and attractive.

3. Bar Table with Wooden Frame

Friend, you can make a bar table that is actually mediocre become unique and charming by adding an accent frame or frame from the table surface to the residential ceiling. Wooden frames can be an option to make a bar table in your home look warmer.

Not only does it make the kitchen aesthetically pleasing, the frame on the bar table is very functional because it can be used to hang the glass on it. That way, when you sit at the bar table eating or snacking, it will be easier for you to grab a glass if you feel thirsty.

4. Industrial Style Bar Tables

This bar table made of metal and wood is guaranteed to keep your kitchen cooler. The combination with basic materials gives a strong industrial impression, but still luxurious. In fact, it looks like an industrial-style cafe.

You can adjust this bar table model according to the number of families. If you just live alone or are a new couple, making this industrial-style mini bar table is no problem. For a landed house or apartment, this bar table style is sure to make us feel in love.

5. Compact Bar Table Model

Furthermore, there is a bar table with a compact design wrapped in natural green and brown. This bar table model blends with the kitchen set to form the letter U as a whole. It is located on the edge of another room.

Not only serves as a place to eat, this bar table also has compartments for storing various cooking utensils and eating and drinking utensils, ranging from storage pans, plates, to various decorations to beautify the kitchen.