11 Unique Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Your Home

Having a tiny house doesn't mean there isn't room for a swimming pool. There are various ways to fit a swimming pool into a narrow space.

1. Replacing the Garden Area with a Beautiful Swimming Pool

In small houses, most people feel they have to choose between a garden and a swimming pool because of the limited space. However, their strategic positions can fit into a small area.

2. Plunge Pool which is suitable for relaxing

A small house may not have enough space for an ordinary swimming pool. Or, a wading pool is a great idea! A small swimming pool is one type of small swimming pool that is used for relaxing, not for exercising.

The wading pool is suitable for small houses because it does not take up as much space as a regular swimming pool. With a plunge pool, designs can also be more flexible and creative because of their small size. For example, a circular wading pool that is suitable for sitting in a circle while relaxing with family.

3. Swimming Pool Adjacent to the Wall

Most of the remaining empty space was near the wall. Some corners of the house that do not have furniture attached to the wall usually become unused empty space.

Instead of filling it with useless items, the empty area can be used as a swimming pool. Placing the pool against the wall also serves to save space.

4. Stone Edges for a Natural Swimming Pool Impression

Tiny houses usually only have a pool area left in the back garden. A pond surrounded by plants is even more beautiful when given a special rim. In addition, not everyone likes the appearance of the swimming pool next to the wall.

Give the pool a rock edge. The edge of the stone will look beautiful and natural when it meets the grass. The rock edges also provide a natural barrier between the pool and the wall so they don't appear to stick together.

5. Indoor Swimming Pool As Part of the Family Room

Some small houses may not have gardens or gardens. The swimming pool does not have to be placed outside, but can also be placed inside the house.

Place the swimming pool near the family area. Small houses generally do not have a special indoor swimming pool area, so the pool can be used as part of the room in the house. In the family room, a small swimming pool is suitable as a family gathering place.

6. Swimming Pool Can Be Unique Ceiling

Indoor swimming pools can be placed anywhere in the house, including on the second floor.

Place the swimming pool on the second floor of the house and give it a glass floor that is visible from the room under the pool. With a design like this, the space under the pool will have a unique ceiling in the atmosphere of the pool water. In fact, the person in the room below will be able to see the person swimming above.

7. Use the swimming pool as a room divider

An indoor swimming pool in a tiny house doesn't need to have a special area. Instead, the swimming pool can be used to fill empty spaces.

Place the pool between the different areas as a barrier. Apart from using the pool strategically, this placement also saves space!

8. The small swimming pool looks special with a waterfall decoration

The tiny house certainly doesn't have much space for a swimming pool. However, a small swimming pool can also look beautiful

Give an artificial waterfall as decoration for a small swimming pool. These decorations will instantly give your little swimming pool a beautiful and charming look.

9. Infinity Pool that looks luxurious and saves space

A house that is located on a higher ground than the surrounding area is suitable for being given an infinity pool, which is a swimming pool whose edges are designed as if it disappears indefinitely.

Place an infinity pool at the end of the house overlooking the wide sky or even the sea. The infinity pool has a luxurious and elegant feel, especially when the edges seem to blend into the view in front of it.

10. Unique Swimming Pool View with Glass Edge

Even a small swimming pool can look beautiful and unique with a good design.

Design of the above ground swimming pool with glass walls. That way, a simple swimming pool in the back garden can look attractive and elegant.

11. Whirlpools as a pleasant alternative to swimming pools

Swimming pools generally take up space because they cannot be designed too small without being boring. But still, there are other options for whirlpools that are fun and more space-efficient!

Provide a whirlpool in an empty part of the house in lieu of a swimming pool. By choosing a whirlpool, your home will be a great place to soak in without taking up too much space!