Leasing vs Financing - Which is Better?

Rent or offer lower scheduled installments for financing, as well as the benefits of owning another vehicle every few years.  However, financing offers its own benefit arrangement.

Leasing vs Financing - Which is Better?


  • Medium-term rental costs are roughly the same as financing costs.

To sell or exchange their vehicle at the end of the loan term, and the tenant to return their vehicle at the end of the rental period.

  • Several checks sometimes show that financing can be cheaper.

Rather than renting because of lower costs, lower absolute money costs, and the assumption that a purchased vehicle will return its full market price if sold or exchanged towards the end. credit. However, if the impressive contribution benefits of the monthly rental reserve are taken into account, the net cost of the lease cannot be as large as financing.

  • The rental fees collected in each case are more than the financing costs.

Please the buyer to save the vehicle after the credit ends. If the buyer keeps the vehicle after the down payment has been paid, and drives it for a few more years, the cost will be split over a longer period. That means the cost of getting one vehicle and driving it for a very long time is more affordable than renting or buying four or five different vehicles over the same period.

  • When attracting investment funds, monetary costs are the main objective in obtaining other vehicles.

To buy a vehicle and drive it no matter how long it lasts, or until the maintenance and repair costs start to exceed the cost of replacing it. However, many car buyers have another, faster destination with a higher priority than saving on long-distance costs.