How to Remove Background from Photoshop

Are you currently having trouble removing background of the photo you want to edit?

Take it easy, in this Photoshop tutorial I will discuss how to easily remove backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop CC software.

Actually, removing image objects with Photoshop software can be done in many ways. Some use layer masks, eraser tool, pen and then eraser tool, lasso tool, and other tools.

But of all these methods, way that I think is so simple and easy to apply is to use the quick selection tool, which then removes the parts that are not selected.

Here's an easy tutorial for removing backgrounds with Adobe Photoshop software:

How to remove background photoshop

1. Prepare an image to remove background

How to Remove Background from Photoshop
Open image in photoshop

Surely you already have a photo object whose background will be removed?

If you don't have an object, you can download a photo object on a free image provider site like pexel or unsplash.

2. Remove lock icon

Remove lock icon

The next step you need to do is remove the lock icon on the background layer.

The trick is to click on the lock icon, then layer is ready for you to edit.

3. Select a quick selection tool

Select a quick selection tool

The third step is to select quick selection tool on the left side of toolbar.

This tool functions to select objects to be deleted and which objects should remain.

Select objeck

Next you select all orange objects

If part of selection crosses line or you don't want it, you can select subtract icon from the selection on the ribbon above.

For quick way to press and hold the (Alt) button, subtract option will appear in the form of minus sign (-), if you release the Alt key, it will add options (+), or command to select objects with the background.

4. Remove background

After all objects are resolved, then press combination key (Ctrl + Shift + I) to select outside of the object, in this tutorial object is orange.

Remove background

Then press (Delete) button on keyboard.

Then background will be removed.

Then remove selection by selecting menu Select> Deselect, or press combination key (Ctrl + D) to quickly remove selection.

5. Save image in PNG format

Final step is to save image, but so that the background is lost or deleted, you must do the PNG format, not JPEG or other formats.

Because PNG can store transparent backgrounds, if you choose JPEG it will display a white background.

How to save objects with background removed:

Select menu File> Save As, then select PNG format, then click OK.

Press combination key (Ctrl + Shift + S) for quicker access to the Save As command.

Then PNG Format Options popup window will appear, where you are given option to save image, in form of different image sizes, ranging from large, medium, and small, you can choose according to your needs.

Result deleting objects with quick selection tool

After reading this article, I hope you understand how to remove a background image using Photoshop.

Hopefully the above article is useful and good luck. Thank you!